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Its hard to believe, We've been gone for oh so long.  However, Lafayette, IN has awoken the sleeping Dragon.  Infinity Pro:  Rebirth happens on March 9, 2018!  Ringside seats are available at $15 each, General admission tickets available for $12 or pickup a 4 pack for $40!  Come experience Professional Wrestling like you've never seen before at the Lafayette Theater!

Infinity Pro 19:  Season Finale is now available as a digital download at Smart Mark Video for only 9.99!

They also have Infinity Pro 18: Season Finale available featuring GT Vega defending the Grand Championship against Sabu!!  Lufisto vs Heidi Lovelace, Painkillers vs OI4k for the DUOS Championship and many others!

DVD and Blu Ray copies will be available on the near future!